Books by Stephen Joseph

Stephen has published widely on positive psychology, psychological trauma and psychotherapy and his work has appeared in many leading scientific journals.

His research is aimed at understanding the social, personality and cognitive aspects of resilience to trauma, and incorporates positive psychology and applications to psychotherapy. The following publications are available to order online…


What Doesn't Kill Us
What Doesn’t Kill Us: A Guide to Overcoming Adversity and Moving Forward

What Doesn’t Kill Us reveals how all of us can navigate change and adversity – traumatic or otherwise – to find new meaning, purpose, and direction in life.

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Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology in Practice
Positive Psychology in Practice, Second Edition

This book moves beyond the theoretical to show how positive psychology is being used in real-world settings, and the new directions emerging in the field.

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Positive Therapy
Positive Therapy: A Meta-Theory for Positive Psychological Practice

Positive psychology emphasises the need to understand the positive side of human experience. Positive Therapy explores the relevance of positive psychology to therapy.

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Positive Psychology in Practice
Positive Psychology in Practice

Positive psychology is an exciting new orientation in the field, going beyond psychology’s traditional focus on illness and pathology to look at areas like well–being and fulfillment.

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Posttraumatic Growth

What Doesn't Kill Us
What Doesn’t Kill Us: The New Psychology of Posttraumatic Growth

In this groundbreaking new book, Stephen Joseph boldly challenges current notions about trauma and its aftermath.

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Trauma Recovery & Growth
Trauma, Recovery, and Growth: Positive Psychological Perspectives on Posttraumatic Stress

This book provides clinicians with the resources they need to implement positive psychology interventions in their trauma treatment.

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Trauma and the Therapeutic Relationship
Trauma and the Therapeutic Relationship: Approaches to Process and Practice

This is the first book to combine trauma recovery with the therapeutic relationship.

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Theories of Counselling & Psychotherapy
Theories of Counselling and Psychotherapy: An Introduction to the Different Approaches

An authoritative overview of the main approaches to counselling and psychotherapy,

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Person Centred Practice

Person Centred Practice
Person-Centred Practice: Case Studies in Positive Psychology

This book builds bridges between counselling theory and practice, as well as between person-centred therapy and the new and important discipline of positive psychology.

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Person Centred Psychopathology
Person-Centred Psychopathology: A Positive Psychology of Mental Health

The person-centred approach offers a positive psychological vision of psychopathology. This book is an essential resource for all who wish to understand person-centred theory.

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Psychological Trauma

Understanding Post-Traumatic Stress: A Psychosocial Perspective on PTSD and Treatment

This book provides that understanding by drawing on existing theories to present an integrative model of psychosocial adaptation to trauma.

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Post-Traumatic Stress, The Facts
Post-traumatic Stress (The Facts)

Though mainly intended for sufferers of post-traumatic stress, and their families and friends, this book will also be of interest to the general reader and an invaluable resource for professionals.

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